Tofu Info/FAQ

Everything you need to know about our soy products!


Why press tofu?

Tofu has high water content and after pressing tofu it will absorb more flavor and stand up to heat better. However, it is not always necessary to do this.

Which kind of tofu needs to be pressed?

Medium Firm Tofu is the only kind that should be pressed. Our pressed and extra firm tofu have already been pressed enough. When deep frying firm tofu, pat down the outside with a paper towel. Never press soft tofu unless you want a squashed mess!

How do I press my tofu?

When preparing a recipe that requires Medium Firm tofu to be pressed, squeeze the tofu with a cheesecloth or drain in a colander for 10 minutes. You can also press the tofu by placing a plate on it, and stacking the plate with something heavy to add pressure to expel additional water.

tofu pressed between two plates

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