Tofu Info/FAQ

Everything you need to know about our soy products!


How does tofu stand up nutritionally against meat? Remarkably well, as the following chart shows! Firmer varieties of tofu provide a high level of soy protein, with no cholesterol and often with far less fat and calories. As shown by the numbers below, firmer types of tofu provide a good alternative without having to remove all animal protein from your diet. Superior Soy Drink also provides many of the same nutritional benefits as milk, without the disadvantages of dairy.

Superior Tofu vs. Meat

Tofu provides a significant amount of protein, and with its low level of fat – and no cholesterol – it can make a great substitute for meat in many dishes.

Amounts are Per 85g Serving. Regular Ground Beef Lean Ground Beef Turkey (dark meat) Superior Organic Extra Firm Tofu
Fat 22.6g 12.8g 6g 6g
Protein - - 20.5g 11g
Cholesterol - - 89.25g 0

Superior Soy Drink vs. Dairy Milk

Although Superior Soy Drink doesn’t match the amount of calcium in dairy milk, it still provides a good source of calcium – and with less calories. All of Superior Soy Drink’s benefits come naturally, unlike other fortified soymilks and beverages on the market. It’s a pure and simple product that’s cholesterol free. Superior Soy Drink makes an excellent alternative, particularly for those who are lactose intolerant or are avoiding dairy products.

Amounts are per 250ml serving. 1% Milk 2% milk Superior Soy Drink, Sweetened Low Fat Superior Soy Drink, Unsweetened Low Fat
Calcium 29% RDI 29% RDI 15% RDI 15% RDI
Calories 108 129 120 60
Protein 8.5g 8.6g 6g 7.8g
Fat 2.7g 5g 1g 1g
Carbohydrates 12g 12g 18g 5g

Sources: Invatech Labs, Abbotsford, BC; CTMA, Food Research Centre, University of Moncton.