Amongst some of the improvements: they replaced grandpa’s old wok with a steam cooker and used a mechanical press instead of the old “gravity” (i.e. rock) press. Even so, like my grandpa, my parents maintained the long hours, starting their day at 3 o’clock in the morning. And they did this every day until their retirement in the 80’s.itsrita

Like many of you, I face the challenge of balancing career, family and friends while trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m not removed from the crazy, fast-paced world we live in – I live in it too. I hope that by providing wholesome, easy-to-use, non- GMO tofu products, I can help make it easier for you to maintain a healthy diet that you can feel good about.

That’s a pledge I stand behind, and that’s why I’m here on our site – to personally represent the Superior Tofu family. I’m here to listen and respond to all of your comments and suggestions.

Remember, when you buy Superior, you’re getting more than just a package of tofu – you’re also reaping the benefits of a family tofu tradition dating back over sixty years. I’m very proud of my family’s legacy, and I really believe in the purity and quality of my products. I’m also proud of my Chinese heritage, a huge part of which is soyfoods. As the new generation to run the show, I’ve updated this traditional Asian staple to meet today’s North American diet. You’ll find more diverse recipes and uses for tofu than you ever imagined, from traditional Asian dishes to mainstream comfort foods and more!

I also want to make tofu more fun and accessible, and finally break down those stereotypes of tofu being bland and boring. As a result, I hope you’ll find the site to be as friendly and personable as I am!


As a working mom, I’m sometimes called a “superwoman” – but I’m no comic book hero and I don’t have any magic powers. And tofu isn’t a superfood either. Whether it’s in work, life, or diet, it’s all about balance. As a vegetarian, I gave up meat eight years ago, and I’ve never looked back. But no matter what your goal is, whether you just want to cut down on your meat intake, or perhaps add soy to your diet, it’s all about making a conscious decision to adopt a healthier way of living. And I hope Superior Tofu helps you to achieve your nutritional goals! As the company grows, I never want to lose sight of my grandfather’s handson approach to running the business. I hope I’ve made Grandpa proud, and served you well, too. Let me know how I’m doing! I’d love to hear from you! Write to me at rita@superiortofu.com with your thoughts or comments.