Tofu is a very versatile ingredient that can be substituted in any recipe you have at home.

All Natural

These recipes use simple and easy to find ingredients. Superior Tofu only uses Canadian grown non-GMO soybeans, and no artificial flavours or preservatives.


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Mexi-Soy Scramble Wrap


Our Mexi-Soy Scramble Wrap goes will with any vegetables. You can even add in meat to add texture variety to your wrap. These wraps are perfect as a snack or an entrée.


  1. 1 pkg Superior Fresh Medium Firm Tofu
  2. 1 tsp Vegetable Oil
  3. ¼ cup Onion, finely chopped
  4. ¼ cup Bell Peppers, finely chopped
  5. ¼ cup Corn Nibblets
  6. ¼ cup Tomatoes, finely chopped
  7. 1 tsp Basil or Cilantro
  8. ¼ tsp Garlic Powder
  9. ¼ tsp Tumeric(optional)


1. Sauté onions, bell peppers and corn until tender, then move to the outer sides of the pan.

2. Drain tofu and pat dry, then crumble by hand or with a fork or a potato masher.

3. Mix tofu with the remaining ingredients.

4. Stir-fry mixture until tofu starts to brown.

5. Use as filling for a tortilla, pita wrap or sandwich and top with salsa.

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