Tofu Info/FAQ

Everything you need to know about our soy products!


How do I open a package of tofu?

Sorry our packaging is not easy-peel as it protects the tofu from tampering and spoilage. Simply open the package by cutting around the edges with a sharp knife. The remaining types of Superior Tofu are vacuum-packed and can be opened with a knife or scissors.

How do I store tofu and soymilk?

Superior soy products must be refrigerated and treated as if you were handling meat or dairy items. All of our products do not contain preservatives – instead, they’re pasteurized to maintain freshness. Be sure to pay close attention to the expiry dates on the packaging. These dates only refer to unopened packages, which have not been subject to temperature abuse. Tofu and soymilk are good for approximately two to three days after opening.

Medium Firm/Fresh & Smooth:

Store unused portions in clean water. Change the water daily. When preparing a recipe that requires Medium Firm/ Fresh tofu to be pressed, squeeze the tofu with a cheesecloth or drain in a colander for 10 minutes. You can also press the tofu by placing a plate on it, and stacking the plate with canned goods to add pressure to expel additional water.

Soft & Soy Desserts:

Store unused portions in their original container and cover with plastic wrap or transfer to a resealable container. Before using, drain excess water, as more water will be released over time due to its high water content. Asian Classics & Extra Firm: Store unused portions in a resealable container or cover with plastic wrap.

Can I freeze tofu?

Only firmer varieties of Superior tofu can be frozen. Wrap the unused portion in plastic wrap or place the whole package in the freezer. Once frozen, the tofu takes on a spongier, more porous texture similar to meat. Some people deliberately freeze firmer varieties of tofu, such as Superior Extra Firm, to create an even chewier, meatier texture.

The tofu will turn slightly yellow-beige in colour and once frozen is good in the freezer for up to 3 months. After the tofu has been defrosted, drain or squeeze out any excess water.

You can also freeze cooked tofu dishes such as pasta sauces or chili. Again, the tofu will take on a more porous texture. Once refrigerated, dressings and dips made with tofu will thicken slightly. Simply reblend before serving.

Softer and dessert varieties of tofu should not frozen due to their high water content.

Can I freeze soymilk?

No, soymilk should not be frozen due to its high water content.

How do I know if my tofu or soymilk have spoiled?

If the tofu package is bloated, the product has spoiled. The tofu will also smell sour or fishy. Like dairy milk, soymilk will have curdled and separated into clumps. Discard if you suspect any spoilage.